Molli Looper

Scientifically engineered strands of audio DNA and mRNA are programmed to create direct chemical bonds with DAW clock signals on an atomic level, resulting in an audio looper than is both instant to play and also perfectly in sync with its host program.  Several elements and molecule structures are offered, enabling for different length loops.  There is also a spin-state filter which acts sub-atomically in order to filter the frequency range of the audio molecules before they are passed into the audio output.

Seriously …

Molli Looper is a simple Looper for Standalone or AUv3 usage. 
You don’t have to start the recording process somehow, it’s basically recoding all the time!
You just have to select the record snippet you want to play. So you can either select pre-defined loop selections with the alchemy buttons at the top or choose your custom selection with the dragger at the bottom. A tap on the lower part of the selection dragger will enabler or disable loop playing. On the top right section there is also a filter to make some additional effects.

AUv3 Video Demo