Lucern Festival 2019

This is an excerpt of Thomas Kessler’s „Utopia III“, played at Lucern Festival in summer 2019. We want to dedicated this to Thomas Seelig, the inventor of iLep, who died on Mai, the 1st 2020. We will continue development of iLep hoping to keep his spirit „in the machine“.

iLep is a piece of music software for iPad, that’s substantial in Utopia. 51 orchestra musicians with 51 iPads modulate the sound of their instruments live-electronically through the iLep with the help of additional foot controllers.

Some pictures …

Lucern concert hall

Composer Thomas Kessler shows how to wire a microphone to a clarinet

51 iPads, each with a dedicated iLep instrument patch

51 midi foot-controller to control iLep

The crew: caring to make all 51 iPads + midi pedals + microphones + usb adapters + power supplies + monitors work

Stage 1,2 & 3 of altogether 5

Check all iPads before the show